Care of Your Grills

Before using new grills to cook on for the first time, heat them on the BBQ on a low heat setting for approximately thirty minutes to (prove) the surfaces, then allow them to cool naturally. Before cooking on them, give the grills a light coating of oil(please note, the cooking surfaces are not non-stick).

When you have finished cooking, turn the burners to high for a few minutes to burn of any excess residue. Allow to cool completely before removing from the BBQ. Brush off any excess debris with a stiff non metallic brush before cleaning the grills with warm soapy water. When cleaning, do not immerse the grills in the cleaning water. After cleaning, dry thoroughly and immediately before giving the grills a light coating in cooking oil to protect them from rusting. N.B the grills are not dishwasher safe.

When the grills are not been used for a lengthy period of more than a few weeks, remove the cooking surfaces and store indoors in a dry place.

Remember, most heavy weight grills are made from Iron, so exposure to air and moisture will cause them to rust. The protective coating will come off with use, this is normal and some surface rust will form on the surfaces. Remove any surface rust with a stiff non metallic brush and wipe away the remainder with an oiled cloth and coat well in oil before storage.

A little time spent preparing your Grills before use and protecting them after use will greatly increase the lifespan of your grills.